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"The blue sky, the brown soil beneath, the grass, the trees, the animals, the wind, and rain, and stars are never strange to me: for I am in and of and one with them; and my flesh and the soil are one, and the winds and the tempests and my passions are one".

So wrote WH Hudson, author of classic romance for which we named our lodge: Green Mansions.

Remote from the fret and dust, the pettiness of town life, large, direct, free: Green Mansions lies on the edge of the Community Forest Reserve, overlooking the tall green mansions of the jungle's tropical trees. Constructed on the lines of a tribal village, it blends in and 'disappears' into the natural backdrop of Nepal's southern Terai Belt.


Green Mansions is equipped with 32 well appointed rooms housed in two 6 Room Blocks, four 2 Room Blocks and one 12 Room Block spread across 5 acres of natural surroundings.

Air Condition
Private Balcony
24 hours running hot and cold water
Free WiFi
Working table with reading lights
Housekeeping and laundry services
Power back up

Wildlife Sightings

One Horned Rhino

The greater one-horned rhino, with armour-like body plates and a solitary horn similar to its African breathren, is Nepal's local celebrity. The most common way to spy a rhino is by ricing on the back of an elephant, effortlessly traversing the park's jungle vegetation from an excellent vantage point. An option for braver souls is to track the rhino on a jungle walk. Test your tree-climbing skills before setting out.

Royal Bengal Tiger

Powerful, beautiful and elusive, the Bengal tiger is one
of the largest and most majestic animals in the world.
Though documentries can give us a fascinating glimpse
into the lives of these mysterious creatures, there's
nothing like the thrill of seeing a tiger in its natural habitat.

Mugger Crocodile

Mugger or Mash Crocodile is a medium to large crocodile
and has the broadest snout of nay living member of the
genus crocodylus. Similar to other crocodile species, activity
patterns include basking, swimming and diving.


City Office

Jamal, Kathmandu, Nepal
GPO Box - 1436
Tel - +977-1-4221854
Fax - +977-1-4231271
Email - info(at) | green(at)


Bodreni, Chitwan
Resort Tel - 056-580088/580089

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